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>> the face of pakistan's future. the former prime minister's comeback. election looks likely to hand power back to a man ousted 14 years ago. , calls for international action in syria. forced out by protests a few .onths ago, half the worlds of birds and animals are threatened by climate change. the final result of pakistan's historical election not elected -- expected till monday. amram conn's justice party said farewell. the big loser in this election is the president's pakistan people's party. the chief election commissioner has the air of a man whose job was still -- well done. this largest exercise in pakistani democracy. more than 50 million people casting their votes. >> the percentage of voting is very high. this is what i call him harm is of the people. a public show of strength -- empowerment of the people. a public show of strength. after being driven from office by the army on two previous occasions, this time he will get to complete his five-year term. it was a satisfying for -- victory over the pakistan's people's party. but emerging in this election, a third fo
coalition has claimed victory in the general election, extending its 56-year rule. the opposition is saying the vote is rated. >> the election coalition is complicit in the crime. election without any access to the media or the opposition. >> syria condemns a legend israeli attacks on damascus. the sound that could save the life of a human rights activist in dangerous places in the world. there have been running battles -- thebangladesh late bangladesh capital of doc up. protesters want the death penalty for those who insult islam and the prophet mohammed. they ignored a government issue for protesters to leave dhaka by sunday. >> with parts of the city in ruins, protesters continue to fight. surrounded by the flames of the day's classes, which, after hours of battle, still burn. ofdreds of thousands demonstrators have taken to the streets. bullets, theybber refused to back down. setting fire to cars and buildings. of doc ahe streets into a battleground. -- of dhaka into a battleground. they were answering calls by demanding new blasphemy laws and saying that blasphemers should be tried und
in historic elections. capital ofincial punjab province, where this election will likely be decided. >> you are watching al jazeera live from our headquarters. also in the next 30 minutes, the retrial of hosni mubarak is underway. we go live to cairo for the very late on that. guatemala's former military ruler sentenced to 80 years in prison for genocide and war crimes. >> in a burnt out muslim village in myanmar, people say they fear further attacks from their buddhist neighbors. >> it has been a long and bloody road to this day, but pakistan's historic elections are now taking place. it is a milestone in pakistani democracy because people are voting in an election where for the first time one civilian government is handing over to another. politicians and voters have been attacked in karachi and elsewhere. some have lost their lives, but voters continue to go vote, determined not to be intimidated. there are about 86 million registered voters that will be selected 342 members of the national assembly. the party with the biggest number of seats usually gets to pick the prime minister. he w
live from london. also coming up, a record turnout in pakistan's election despite violence. bulgarians a prepared to vote. investigators find hundreds of thousands of fake ballot papers. two astronauts go on a space walk. our top story, a turkish officials believe the syrian regime may be to blame for twin blast that left more than 40 people dead. the car bombs exploded outside of government offices and the south of the country in the town of reyhanli. the area has spilled over into the syrian border. turkey says it will take all measures against those testing the country's power. >> two cars packed with explosives exploded near the entrance to a government building, killing and wounding dozens of people. some are injured. >> my child was working in a photography house and the mayor's office. he is heavily wounded and been treated in intensive care. reyhanli is a border town where thousands of refugees have been living. forces of -- security forces are investigating the bombing. the turkish government is describing it as a politically motivated act of provocation. the borderinces on wi
's future. young voters may prove powerful in this historic general election. >>> children of chinese migrant workers are barred from attending school and some are getting into trouble. >>> leaders in japan and the u.s. might be feeling their economic policies are finally beginning to pay off. the japanese yen reached 101 to the dollar in trading in tokyo. it's the first time the yen has hit that level in more than four years. traders are buying the dollar on expectations of a stronger u.s. economic recovery and aggressive monetary easing from the bank of japan. those in new york saw the yen break the psychological threshold of 100 yen to the dollar and the currency weaken further in tokyo. investors on the tokyo stock exchange took heart placing buy orders across the board. the key nikkei index shot up more than 400 points to surpass the 14,600 mark. the highest this year. market sources say the yen's rapid fall has exceeded their expectations. that's fueling hope among exporters who benefit from a weaker yen. forex dealers are expecting the yen to remain under selling pressure. doll
more and more. on the eve of the general election, security is tightening. tens of thousands of soldiers are being deployed. keep thes 95,000, to country say. the pakistani taliban is threatening to attack polling stations. bombers,se suicide excess. there have already been violent attacks. ebonics bloated the office of the pakistan people's party on friday in baluchistan province. a search continues for the kidnapped son of the former prime minister gilani, himself a candidate in this election. our correspondent is live in lahore. security has been pretty tight until now and it seems to be increasing. >> yes, you are absolutely right. security is very tight to begin with. but only getting tighter. there are nearly 70,000 military troops on the ground here in pakistan to keep things secure. as you can imagine, if you look at polling stations around the country if, there will be a lot of security to ensure that voters feel secure. voters are thinking about an awful lot of issues as they head to the polling stations. one of those issues is pakistan's economy. the economy is in
election is over but the violence and terrorism that marred the lead up to saturday's vote is continuing. islamist militants are attacking parties and candidates, they say are cooperating with the u.s. reuters says two bombings on party offices on friday killed five people. the attacks happened in the south western city of quetta and northwestern city of pashwar. the taliban claimed responsibility. representatives vowed they would use suicide bombers against voters on polling day. election related violence killed more than 110 people since the beginning of april. the campaign officially closed on thursday night. opinion polls show opposition parties have gained support by appealing to growing anti-u.s. sentiment among voters. pakistan is a nuclear armed nation with a population of 180 million. it's a power house that plays a major role in the u.s.-led war on terror and can influence the stability in neighboring afghanistan. the outcome of the vote is expected to have an impact beyond its borders. nhk reports from the pakistani capital islamabad. >> reporter: with the economy, domestic se
violence. the polls ino to an election by protest. thousands gathered for the processga catholic church for hundreds of new saints. the syrian government said that they were not behind the car bombings on saturday. turkey has arrested nine people in the attack. and to simmons reports. >> the most devastating attack on turkish soil since the conflict began. recovery teams with investigators in a scrawl of rubble. bodies were still being recovered 18 hours after the explosions. >> we ran inside in a desperate attempt to save our lives. isthe turkish government planning syrian intelligence, the usual suspect according to the minister. said ofdid this, they their intention was to rip out the heart of the town, then they succeeded. refugees,ere fighters, and ngo's use this as a garrison town so close to the border. what they plan to do next is unclear, publicly at least. the intelligence agency is talking about reserving the right to respond. is at a time when there is a glimmer of political hope, with russia and the u.s. attempting to get some dialogue going. what happens on the ground in s
we're following this hour. >>> pakistan's election campaign is about to wrap up. millions of voters will soon weigh in on everything from domestic issues to their country's role in the u.s.-led war on terror. >>> japan's airways confirms it will put its 787 dreamliners back in service on june 1. the planes were grounded worldwide for more than four months. >>> and a japanese sculptor who lived through the earthquake and tsunami two years ago has changed his approach. he's using his art to share his new outlook of the world. >>> people in pakistan have a lot to think about before the weekend. they vote in a general election on saturday. a wave of violence has overshadowed the campaign. but it hasn't drowned out the issues, which include everything from poverty to pakistan's place in the world. we are in islamabad leading our special coverage. >> behind me you can see the buildings of the national assembly and presidential palace against a background of increased tight security pakistanis will go to the polls this saturday in a general election. their votes will decide which side will
stories, poised to return to office, resounding elections return now was sharif -- nawaz sharif to office. the victims of two car bombings in turkey, syria denies any involvement in the attacks. a new virus has killed 18 people. health experts say it could be passing from human to human. demolition debacle. the building that refuse to fall even after dynamite was used. he was ousted in a military coup, thrown in jail, and then sent into exile, but now he is back. now was sharif is preparing to become the prime minister of pakistan for a record third time grid he has been invited to india for talks with the prime minister there. the two countries fought four wars over the past 60 years, and sharif has promised to improve ties with new delhi. u.s. president barack obama said he will work with the new pakistani government as an equal partner. official results do not come out until later on monday, and sharif is too hard head -- too far ahead of his rival. we report from the capital islamabad. the chief election commissioner has the air of a man whose job was well done. it is the largest ever
violence just ahead of national elections. >> a factory fire killed eight people in bangladesh. >> as much a marks the defeat of nazi germany, president putin tales his nation as a guarantor of world security. >> more than 110 people have already been killed in the run- up to elections this weekend in pakistan. today, the violence took a new turn. >> the son of the former prime minister was kidnapped at gunpoint at an election rally. he himself is running as a candidate for his father's party. >> he has called on supporters to remain calm, saying the kidnapping must not sabotage the election. it is already the bloodiest in television history -- in the nation's history, and the taliban is threatening more violence. >> it was a brazen attack. the candidate of the pakistan people's party and son of a former prime minister was scheduled to speak here in his hometown. in a hail of bullets, armed men killed five people including a bodyguard. his brother was close by and had to watch incidents unfold. >> if we do not get my brother by this evening, i will not let the election happen in my area. i
soldiers. >> and bracing for saturday's election, pakistan tightened security after recent months. >> thanks for joining us. it is being called the biggest cyber crime of its kind. more than $40 million stolen in a matter of hours by a network of operatives in 27 countries. the targets were two middle eastern banks with outdated card security. fake cards were created and cash machines were plundered. >> it was a global crime, and it has forced a global investigation. a dozen countries are working with the u.s. authority. of us have been made in the united states as well as train germany. first, this report on the investigation so far. >> one of the banks hit by the scam in the united arab emirates. the other based in beaumont. prosecutors say suspects hacked into the bank's systems and stole data for prepaid debit cards. they raised the limits on cash withdrawals and loaded the data onto counterfeit cards. in a few hours, they had withdrawn the equivalent of 2 million euros from hundreds of cash machines in manhattan. >> this was indeed the largest theft of this type that we have
the idea was the people are going to go to the polls and elect their leaders. well what happens if it's not the voice of the people? that's being heard so i want to give you two quick examples of the party system that we created and what happens. when joe biden became vice president there was an opening now in the u.s. senate in delaware. everyone knew who was going to be the new senator, it was mike castle, former governor and members of congress, and he had challenged in a primary by a lady named christina adamle and she beat him. two things happened. one, there are 1 million people than delaware. christine o'donnell only got 30,000 votes. so why didn't he just beat her in the general election clacks because delaware has a crease dewaal it's called the sore loser that if you run for your party's nomination and you lose your name can't be on the ballot in november. those 30,000 people kept all of the million people of delaware from choosing who they wanted in the u.s. set. so go over to utah where senator mike castle was running -- you should have put him in the senate, like steel an
>> the son of pakistan's former prime minister is kidnapped at an election rally. you are watching al jazeera, live from our headquarters in delhi --d doha. syrian warplanes upset the balance in rebel strongholds. several areas are under bombardment. a politician sentenced to bangladesh in a case dating back to the country's war of independence. club look at the cuban for the elderly that the government says is helping people live longer. gunman have kidnapped the son of pakistan's former prime minister, yousaf raza gillani, in the latest violent attack to hit the election campaign. ali haider gillani was leaving an election rally when he -- men started shooting, killing his personal secretary. he is running as an independent candidate in general elections. nts tie up -- in ts tie out -- imtiaz tyab is live with more. have you found out anything more about what happened and who did this? >> the campaign in the heartland of the family, where this family has an enormous amount of support and sympathy. what we know is that a group of men stormed this campaign rally. they were armed m
would address. you, mike. more coverage of the election in pakistan on our website, click on the link to the spotlight page, where you will find the latest ha news and analysis. you can you our new interactive comment website. polls have now closed in the philippines, there are thousands of government positions being contested for midterm elections. so far exit polls indicate that they are on course to win most of the seats up for grabs. let's go to our correspondent, who is in manila for us. coming for a when are we going to see results? >> they say that we should begin to see results by tomorrow morning at the earliest. it seems that there had been some technical glitches in several precincts. we are being told that those precincts may be allowed to conduct the polls for a little longer than the deadline, which as you mentioned has indeed been reached. because they are still getting climatized to their system of elections, there have been some reports of problems in certain areas. to adjust accordingly, they are saying they will give the precincts a bit more time. through -
in elections, but -- bulgaria's party gains the most votes in elections -- we begin in washington where the leaders of the u.s. and britain are pledging to push ahead with a major diplomatic effort to end the war in syria. it is prime minister david cameron says the west has found common ground with russia, the key ally of the syrian leader, bashar al-assad. >> this follows talks with u.s. president barack obama at the white house and came just days after hammering met with russian president vladimir putin to discuss solutions -- after cameron met with russian president vladimir putin to discuss solutions. >> 80,000 dead, 5 million people forced from their homes -- syria's history is being written in the blood of her people, and it is happening on our watch. the world urgently needs to come together to bring the killing to an end. none of us have any interest in seeing more lives lost, in seeing chemical weapons used, or extremist violence spreading even further. so, we welcome president putin's efforts -- agreements to join in efforts to reach a political solution. we have an urgent wi
's expected to return to power after his party won the most votes in a general election. election officials say they've counted nearly 60% of the vote. sharif's party has secured many seats. former cricket star turned politician ran at the ad of the pakistan movement for justice. his party won 23 seats. pakistanis passed a democratic landmark just by voting. this is the first time one elected government will make way for another. sharif has begun discussions with his aides to form a new government. now people are waiting to see how the outcome will affect pakistan's rule in u.s. led anti-terror operations. president obama released a statement praising the efforts to successfully mplete the election process. he said his administration looks forward as working with the new government in creating a more stable, secure and prosperous future for the people of pakistan. sharif has voiced opposition to drone attacks. he says the attacks are offensive to his government's sovereignty. >>> the former prime minister of bulgaria is making plans of his own. he's looking for coalition partners afteris ru
. polls open soon for a general election. violence and terrorism have marked the leadup to the vote. but after years of economic stagnation, many pakistanys are still eager to vote rs especially young pakistanis. around half the electorate is 35 or younger. and almost everyone has been working hard to win their support. nhk reports. >> reporter: pakistan's economy has been shugish for five years now under civilian rule. many young people in urban areas are unemployed. and the overall jobless rate in towns and cities stands at almost 9%. this 24 year old man lives in islamabad. last year he obtained a master's degree in business administration. but so far, he has failed to find the job. he sends out his resume to sometimes ten companies a day. but he's it still waiting for a job offer. >> if i got a great e-mail after a month or two mail, so i feel very disappointed. >> reporter: amid public miss content, he is looking to the party that by the former winning cricket captain. >> he made a promise that he will bring opportunities and improvement in the economic situation in pakistan. >
on the program, the ruling party wins the election, but the opposition contests the results. grouper of a neo-nazi goes on trial for a series of racially motivated murders in germany. gallery, graffiti- style. police in bangladesh have raided the headquarters after hours of fighting with protesters. at least 14 people were killed on sunday. meanwhile, fighting between police and protesters is filling the area outside. , three pictures policemen have died. >> with part of the city in ruins, protesters continued to fight. after hours of battle, the clashes still clear on. pelted with rubber bullets, they refuse to lay down, laying waste to the capital. setting fire to cars and buildings, security forces held little back. demonstrators for answering a call from a fledgling group of hardliners, saying that defenders should be tried under sharia law. >> this protest is to press for the list of demands. in accordance with the crown. we demand punishment for the 80th blockers. >> those he is referring to, those using the media to advocate for a secular society in bangladesh, that is what the governm
elections were taking place. one is where the forces of violence, the taliban, who put three major parties on their hit list, has declared democracy un-islamic, which has made these parties almost unable to campaign. corners of pakistan are pledged in to fear. in the largest province, the punjab, you have the old traditional standby of pakistani thetics -- big rallies, boisterous festival atmosphere, the carnival atmosphere. real enthusiasm among the voters. .specially the young people there are 40 million new young voters eligible to vote for the first time. they have been electrified by the montrose -- by the massive change that cricketer turned khanician imaran -- imran has been promising. an election of real contrast. >> in karachi, another candidate taken by violence. are their fears people think this might continue? >> the karachi candidate assassinated, each means that voting in that constituency has to be canceled. there was also the killing of two workers in the northwest frontier province, in the tribal areas. there were also bombs in falluja falujistan, now under military rule.
parties are calling for in their campaign for elections coming up this fall. well, even in a wealthy country like germany, a full-time job does not always guarantee a wage you can live on. that has been made clear by new figures out this wednesday, which showed that hundreds of thousands of germans depend on welfare payments to help compensate for low earnings. >> the opposition says the solution is obvious -- a national minimum wage. it is a big issue ahead of elections this september. we take a look at a typical worker whose wages are not enough to make ends meet. >> he worked night shift as a security guard. he is full time and only earns 6.65 euros an hour, a wage solo he is entitled to an income boost from the state. >> i can live from it, but it is not a life worth living because i'm no longer part of society. >> his wife works in a job which pays 400 euros a month, but despite subsidies, the couple still cannot afford simple things like some of visits or eating out. some 323,000 families in germany to see benefits of the they go out to work. that is an increase of 20,000 in th
incident of violence and intimidation in the run-up to sunday's national election. i spoke to the former director of pakistan and afghan policy at the white house. why has this election campaign been so violent? >> this has been the bloodiest campaign in pakistan's election history and pakistan has seen share of violence. that says something. it started when the taliban and made a statement saying they would physically target the members of the tuples coalition. that is what they have been doing for several weeks now. deliver late targeting coalition members, all secular politicians. they did target a few members from religious parties, which caused confusion about their agenda, but for the most part, a have been targeting secular parties. >> is there a chance the violence will act fire against the taliban? we know the pakistani people are tired of being targeted. what is the public reaction? >> the public is obviously very concerned about the security. there is less than two days before the election. folks are worried that something big and bad is going to happen in the next couple of d
. that is not a prescription to win national elections in this country. >> you already see that the republicans are less unified on this issue. you have some tea party supporters getting behind marco rubio and his position on this. we have the heritage foundation which speaks for some segments of these conservative wing, very critical, and they got a lot of bull bar from other republicans who said that this study they produced was ill-founded. you are likely to see this survive over the course next few weeks in committee. if they continue to give ground , the gang of 6, 2 republicans. >> president obama was in texas this week talking about the middle-class. the"the wall street journal" deficit is shrinking, unemployment is at a five-year low. the dow jones cracks the 15,000 mark. the housing market is coming back. all of this despite sequestration. >> i was just want to say to my good friends on the right. cheer up, eventually things will get worse. $231 billion less in deficit than expected last year. that aretax collection up. you have fannie mae, the much beleaguered, chastised, reprimanded instituti
. violence has marred parliamentary elections in pakistan. twin bombings hit the financial hub of caratchie not long after polls opened killing at least 11 people. th pakistani taliban claims responsibility and warned people not to vote. the eu's chief observerer said things ran smoothly. >> i think if i compare the preparations of the elect ral with last time five years ago we see considerable improvements. >> the party of former prime minister shar reef looks likely to win the most votes but the race is close. former cricket star's party got a late surge in polls. many stations have stayed open past closing time. pakistan's election commission estimates turnout could reach 60%. >> former egyptian president has appeared in court to face a new trial. he is accused of being complicit in the murders of protesters during the 2011 uprising that ousted him. a court last june had convicted him and sentenced him to life in prison but he was granted a retrial on appeal. he faces trial along with his two sons and a number of his security officials. german president is on a visit to colombia parted o
the streets to see aung san suu kyi. suu kyi remained in myanmar for 24 years, after finally being elected, she chose this time as the first time to give a place for a public speech. maha chai has long been known for its fish and shellfish, taken from the gulf of thailand. thousands of seafood processing factories of all sizes line the streets. maha chai's population consists of roughly 480,000 thais and 150,000 legally working myanmarese migrants. in addition there are reportedly about the same number of undocumented migrants working here. currently roughly 90% of the workers on fishing boats are myanmarese. these myanmarese workers arrive in thailand with no connections and just a handful of belongings. they make about $9 a day. they are provided with meals and a place to sleep but living conditions are less than adequate. on this ship three workers share three square meters on a ship's sleeping space. in principal, thailand prohibits the hiring of foreigners for unskilled work but in spite of this, there was already a large influx of undocumented unskilled migrant workers in the 1980s a
reports on this weekend's historic elections in pakistan, coming amid a daily drumbeat of violence. >> the country is beset with corruption, widespread poverty, sunni-shiite divisions and a constant struggle against the taliban and its allies. >> woodruff: mark shields and michael gerson analyze the week's news. >> brown: and we close with a story of loss, recovery and courage in her own words, from a victim of the boston marathon bombing. >> i have to move forward. i-- i can't-- there's no-- no way to look back and say anything negative about it or "i can't do that" or "i can't do this." i'm going to try to do whatever i can do. >> woodruff: that's all ahead on tonight's "newshour." >> major funding for the pbs newshour has been provided by: ♪ ♪ moving our economy for 160 years. bnsf, the engine that connects us. >> more than two years ago, the people of b.p. made a commitment to the gulf. and everyday since, we've worked hard to keep it. today, the beaches and gulf are open for everyone to enjoy. we shared what we've learned so that we can all produce energy more safely. b.p
. elections in bulgaria, exit polls suggesting. tonando alonso is thrilled win the spanish grand prix. >> turkey has rounded up nine people over saturday's bombings near the syrian border. it says they have links to syria's intelligence agency. damascus has rejected that and says that turkey is to blame for the violence on its soil. we will talk about the tensions between the two neighbors with our correspondent in istanbul. whatever the truth, 46 people are dead and the local community is angry. >> residents came out in force in the turkish border province. thousand people joined a demonstration against terrorism after sunday's bombings. this buried my cousin morning. there was more a massacre than an ordinary bombing. it was done to create chaos. saidrkish prime minister that he would not be drawn into a knee-jerk reaction. he made a plea fo rcalr calm. >> most importantly we have to keep our cool against all kinds of provocation that tries to pull turkey into the war in syria. in spite of that, on car is keeping its options open and has not ruled out taking military action -- ankar
a long relationship with the united states. the election may change this and affect antiterror operations. >>> sharif was a known critic of pakistan cooperation with the united states against islamic militants. pakistan has suffered from terror attacks. but sharif is critical of the u.s. use of drones against islamic militants in northwestern pakistan. he says such attacks are a violation of his country's sovereignty. instead, sharif has been stressing the importance of die hog with the militants rather than coercion through military might. the u.s. is worried that a sharif administration might not be cooperative in operations against terrorists. sharif's campaign contains no negative rhetoric against the united states. people say it will change once he takes power. the elections may have an impact on u.s. terror operations regi. >>> turkish authorities have detained nine turkish citizens in connection with car bombings. they occurred at a border town leaving 46 people and over 150 people injured. it is an important hub for rel negotiated mediations. the philippine government is conside
proportions in 2012. what does that tell us about elections in the future? covering the week, charles babington of the associated press. peter baker of "the new york times." jeff zeleny of abc news. and jeanne cummings of loomberg news. >> >> award winning reporting and analysis, covering history as it happens. live from our nation's capital this is "lead off" with gwen ifill. -- this is "washington week" with gwen ifill. >> we went out and asked people a simple question. how old is the oldest person you've known? we gave people a sticker and had them show us. we learned a lot of us have known someone who's lived well into their 90's and that's a great thing. but even though we're living longer, one thing that hasn't changed, the official retirement age. the question is, how do you make sure you have the money you need to enjoy all of these years? >> additional corporate funding for "washington week" is provided by boeing. additional funding is provided by the annenberg foundation, the corporation for public broadcasting and by contributions to your pbs station from viewers like you.
, that is very unlikely into a german election and into a political environment where any sort of austerity or plain talking about the future is impossible. i think both politicians are down to taking it almost day by day if not day by day, then week by week and that is the worst thing you can give for the small and medium sized enterprises, for the business as a whole. it's ironic that the business owners in their pension funds are buying a lot of stocks. but as business owners, they're not investing into their own business. i think they need to change back. >> it's still amazing for me to see how much of a recovery we've seen stateside in equities. we're not quite there in europe yet despite the fact that the data continues to be so weak. i just wonder how long is this discrepancy going to continue? is it going to continue throughout the rest of the year or are we going to wake up one day and say we need to show that in how we're trading the various asset classes? >> i think it's, of course, overtime. so either the economy will improve or the stock market will have to come down. i agree w
and the election of mohamed morsi. you're watching live coverage here on c-span2. >> and we have with us a very exciting group of speakers from egypt, very pleased to welcome them. we're also being recorded with, by c-span. welcome to the viewers. can you, please, mute your cell phones and for the panelists, turn them off. okay. excellent. so to my immediate right is amhed maher, chief coordinator of the april 6th youth movement which stresses nonviolent and collective actions. the april 6th movement is quite well known for egypt's followers. they were active in mobilizing workers and citizens leading up to and during the january 2011 revolution. amhed was nominated for a nobel peace prize for his pioneering activities in community mobilization. and he continues to play an important role in egypt's political scene promoting democratic principles and social and economic inclusion through his movement. jawad nabulsi is a leading activist in egypt, was also very present on the scene in january 2011's activities, uprising. do we call it a revolution? i'm not sure. >> [inaudible] [laughter] he is co
is -- in pakistan's general election has suspended his campaign for one day out of her space -- out of respect for his rival, imran khan, who is recovering from a fall. >> pakistan's rising political star imran khan fell off the campaign trail. he was at an election rally when he was using a forklift as an improvised elevator. with no ambulances and no medical crews on standby, his supporters carried him to the hospital. the news spread quickly. for a few hours, pakistanis prepared themselves for the worst. but it was not long before he addressed his supporters again, this time from his hospital bed. >> for the last 17 years of my life, i have done everything that i can. now i want you to take on your share of responsibility. dodd has given me so much. it was my duty to do something -- god has given me so much. it was my duty to do something for my country. you will have to decide, do you want to go on like this or do you want to make a new pakistan? >> doctors said he fractured his skull and injured his spine. forced bedrest means he will not be able to vote in his constituency in the upcomin
. he is one of the most prominent candidates in the election. it has been marred by violence with over 100 killed, mostly by the taliban. >> heading towards a landmark election, crucial for pakistan and stability in the region. the campaign has been overshadowed by horrific violence. weary of poverty and corruption, many here are desperate for change. the man tipped to be prime minister for the third time. of ae is now confident comeback now 13 years after he was jailed and exiled. he even promised to turn pakistan into an asian tiger. faithful.essing the his message is he is an experienced leader who can provide a strong government for pakistan. so he is a front runner, he is campaigning hard to polling day. he has four more rallies like this one in the next two hours. there are concerns about not sure res. he is accused of being soft on extremist cretan concerns about -- there are concerns. will you take pakistan out of the war on terror? >> we have to puree good >> are you going to stop military operations against the taliban quaeda.l his main rival is down but not out after being i
regulates. when an elected official asks someone to make a donation to a certain non-profit or government agency and the person bho has been solicited makes a donation of $5,000 or more, the elected official has to file a form 803. essentially saying, i asked someone done or s to give money to this non-profit or to the city department and done or s gave this. that report is filed with the elected officials department and then transmitted to the ethics commission which i believe has those on its website. >> so the other one, that goes to the state. why we don't have the questions i understand that happened. >> yes, the 801 is filed with the f pbc, the 803 is filed with the department and with the ethics commission. >> okay. thank you. you had filed the 80 1 with the f pc 3? >> no. with we filed the 803. we followed the process that is required. >> is it in your opinion mr. give ner that 801 is required or not? >> our advice in situation like this where a department receives a benefit and it goes to the head office, that the department should file an 801 indicating that that individual rece
to stop millions of people voting in a crucial election. of munich finally get their hands on the trophy. -- munich finally get their hands on the trophy. it was one of the deadliest attacks to hit turkey in recent years. 42 people are dead and 130 wounded after a double car bombing in a town near the syrian border. fingers are being pointed at the syrian regime. we will get some insights in just a moment. first, this report. blast,r the first residents scattered in the streets. then another. to car bombsimated 50 minutes apart. outside the town hall in reyhanli. the damage was considerable. some buildings were reduced to rubble. thee were standing at corner and suddenly it happened. there were so many people injured we cannot decide who to help first. >> the town is located in a province near the syrian border. tens of thousands of refugees have streamed across a red the past few months, fling serious civil war. some officials have already raised suspicions about assad's regime having orchestrated the attacks. the prime minister was more cautious. >> the provinces on the syrian border.
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